Customer: National Versicherung

The Swiss National Insurance (Schweizerische National-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft) is a tradition-rich insurance company headquartered in Basel. National is a general insurance, born more than 100 years ago with a wide range of know how. With around 2'000 employees is one of the most important financial institution in Switzerland, with affiliated companies all across Europe.

The customer requirement
Despite its relative lack of tradition and experience in the field of life insurance, National wanted to launch in the Swiss market 2 flexible unit linked products and an innovative and attractive business solution. The requirement of National was to integrate in the insurance business process the sales channel (insurance consultants and brokers) with the aim of eliminate the bureaucratic interface, increase the processes speed, and reduce paperwork.

The implemented solution
In accordance with the philosophy of National, the implemented solution supports the traditional way of working and managing an insurance policy. The business processes weren't distorted but just lightly reengineered to avoid inconsistencies and to enable their computerization. Unlike other projects, the solution implemented for National was in perfect agreement with the best Swiss tradition.

The solutions strengths
The implemented solution allows insurance consultants and insurance brokers to work in a new way, using new technologies (and gaining efficiencies from them), without having to alter radically the traditional way of managing the business processes.

Customer: National Versicherung

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